Scholarship programme

Friday, 5 June, 2020 , 15:15


Since its foundation in 1983, the Kurdish Institute has paid particular attention to the training of the young Kurdish intellectual and scientific elites. To this end, a higher education scholarship programme has been established for the benefit of Kurdish students of all origins selected on the basis of meritocracy. To date, more than 540 young people, 45% of them women, have benefited from this excellence program. Our alumni have become university professors, researchers, engineers, lawyers, diplomats, writers and play an important role in Kurdish intellectual, cultural and social life.


The competition is open to all students from Kurdistan with the exception of those citizens of Iraqi Kurdistan who now have their own government and universities. Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. They should not already be receiving a scholarship or study allowance from another public or private body. The age limit is 30 years. Married candidates, those citizens of a European country are not eligible.

Applicants must have a general average of at least 80/100 for their Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Areas of study

The selected candidates will first follow an intensive linguistic internship of 9 months before registering according to their level in a Master or Master 2 program. After this first stage, only those with a good average in Master2 will be eligible to undertake doctoral studies.

The maximum duration of the scholarship is 5 years for doctoral students, including the year of language training and 3 years for Master students.

The competition is open to all fields of science, engineering and social sciences with the exception of:

Application file

Applicants can complete their application online on the Institute’s website or send an application package by post.

Application files must reach the Institute before August 12, deadline, and include the following documents:

Incomplete files or files arriving after the deadline will be automatically eliminated.

Process of selection

An eight-member commission, made up of Kurdish academics and researchers, will examine the candidacy files. Applicants are first selected on the basis of a dossier, those shortlisted will be interviewed via Skype. The final list of successful candidates will be made public at the end of October. Priority will be given to women, the youngest candidates as well as candidates with a good command of the Kurdish and English languages.


Download and fill in the application form in Kurdish


You can send your application file to