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27 November - 03:06Iraqi Kurds look on as Israel befriends old Arab foes

Decades ago, Iraq's Kurds and Israel shared a common enemy and what felt like being targeted in parallel persecutions.... READ MORE

24 November - 18:43Bombings, minefield kill 29 in pro-Turkey north Syria

24 November - 17:3321 pro-Turkey fighters killed in Syria minefield: monitor

24 November - 16:35Bombs kill 8 in Syria's Turkish-controlled north: monitor

24 November - 15:55Erdogan ally quits after spat over prisoners

Human Rights READ MORE

Invasion of Afrin READ MORE



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The Kurdish Institute maintains the largest Kurdish Library in
the Western World.

This library contains over 10,000 monographs about the Kurds, in 25 languages, several tens of thousands of published documents, collections of reviews and newspapers, photographs, videos, post cards and posters, as well as audio archives and music recordings.

This rich documentation fills over a third of the Institute's premises as well as a substantial part of its warehouse, located in a Paris suburb. References to these monographs and the principal documents have been computerized.