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20 September - 20:02Iraq airfield hit by Turkey hosts regular forces: Kurd official

An Iraqi airfield hit by a deadly drone strike attributed to Turkey hosts only regular forces, an Iraqi Kurdistan official said Wednesday, denying Ankara's claim foreign fighters had been at the airfield.... READ MORE

20 September - 18:09Mahsa Amini, Elon Musk nominated for EU's top rights prize

20 September - 01:45Islamic leaders bash West at UN over Koran burnings

19 September - 22:06Iraq condemns 'repeated Turkish attacks' after Kurdish officers killed

19 September - 20:10Iraq condemns 'repeated Turkish attacks' after Kurdish officers killed

Human Rights READ MORE

Invasion of Afrin READ MORE



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The Kurdish Institute maintains the largest Kurdish Library in
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This rich documentation fills over a third of the Institute's premises as well as a substantial part of its warehouse, located in a Paris suburb. References to these monographs and the principal documents have been computerized.